Daniel hardshores

Daniel "Danny" Hardshore is a police officer in the Cadonsburg Police Department and is an ex army veteran. He is married to Tracy Hardshore.

He is the second member of the trio of buddies along with Jason and George. He met Jason after just moving into Cadonsburg.

Danny gets very angry, this is due to what he had seen whilst fighting in the wars he has been in. For example he kidnapped George and chucked him in a lake for beating him on a video game, and shooting Jason in the ribs for calling him a bad sport.

Danny is arguably fighter in the entire show. He is able to completely batter other characters after he learned a few moves from the war. Danny has also shown the ability to easily take on multiple enemies at once such as his encounter a large number of armed chinese people in a gang and a horde of zombies.


Tracy Hardshore (wife)

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