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Jason Doorville

Jason Bubba Doorville is the main protagonist of the show and the title character. He's a proud American currently residing in Cadonsburg with his overprotective mother Jackie Doorville. Peter attended Cadonsburg High School and Cadonsburg College. He also adopted an overweight guinea pig named Cody because it could breakdance.He is portrayed by Cody Beck as adult and Morgan Inker as kid.


Jason is unintelligent but some times his brainless schemes actually pay off. His burps can be smelt miles away, his farts are deadlier than an apache helicopter and he has killed someone who entered a public loo after him. He
enjoys watching the tv but overall his faviourate pastime is sleeping. He is also a huge The Beatles fan and has been banned from all of Ringo Star's concerts after accidently punching him when going for a high five. Jason loves eating at McJunkies and Super Fries. Jason has demonstrated himself to be an avid television fan, with his favorite shows consisting of Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and Ted.

Jason is partly retarded. Jasons action sometimes lead to serious accidents and sometimes even deaths. His attention span is also incredibly short. Jason is often seen getting hurt mostly by his own fault. Jason  has a very surprising masculinity. Jason seems to find it frustrating that he is "wrong" while others are "right" about issues all the time.

Among his friends, he tends to treat George with the least respect he reminisces about the various pranks he played on him, including tripping him, punching him, and even flinging poo at him at one point. He is known to embarrass him at times and with things that mean the most to George. However, later episodes of the series show Peter developing greater respect and unity between himself and George.


Jasons best friends are Daniel Hardshore and George Pinterson. They enjoy hanging out at their local bar,The Ale Ship,playing video games and reinacting famous battles. The three men do many things together. The most famous incidents the trio have done are drugging the British royal family, robbed a bank and won an oscar for their role in the home made movie Farticus. 

Employment HistoryEdit

To date, Jason has been employed as a Cadonsburg Hazard Solutions Expert.


Despite being obese,a heavy drinker, and accident-prone, Jason appears to be in great health. Periodically, in typical cartoon fashion, Jason is shown recovering quickly from serious injuries. In some episodes he displays enormous strength. 

Sometimes accidentaly Jason has used various drugs such as Meth, "ecstasy", marijuana, steroids, cocaine, and crack cocaine, but has managed to avoid incarceration and long-term effects from the use of these drugs.

In "Pilot", it is revealed that Jason is a smoker.  


Jason is shown generally to be a complete idiot, after eating play doh, he thinks that he is a genius, Jason thinks that when he was a kid he beat Bill Gates in a class quiz.

Peter does have ideas he thinks are smart but often back fire, such as in starting a cartoon calles heavy loaded vanilla, created a homemade vets and attempted to assassinate the post men. 


Jason's car strongly resembles an Aston Martin although no specific brand has been mentioned and it is most probably been stolen from Chuck Miles when he was succesfull. 

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